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11th May Update

So… After a long weekend here I’ve been able to get back on here to do some more updates and additions.

I’ve now updated the links for all the current pages so they make more sense, the Security certification caused havoc with the links so it was a good opportunity to do some tidying up with them too. I’ve created a new page for other ideas and have got a few things written up to add to them. I’m just waiting until I’ve got a few more completed before publishing the page.

I’m still trying to juggle working from home, with a toddler running around, as well as finding time for this site. But I’m definitely getting there. Hopefully once it’s all in place it’ll require less of my time to maintain.

There have been quite a few people using the site already, bearing in mind I’ve not done any real advertising for here yet. So it’s a promising start and hopefully once all the content is on here it’ll be even more popular.

If you have any ideas you want to see on here, especially for the other idea section then I am all ears – contact me here and I’ll try to get them on here.

6th May update

Work has been massively busy so I haven’t had a lot of time to update this unfortunately. However I have got the contact forms working so feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions / feedback!

I’ve nearly got the basic services all listed. There are quite a few others that I have drafted but am waiting to ensure they are beneficial for others to use. I have got a few ideas that work on the basis of referring others to earn money which you can then withdraw. But as these are quite specific I want to make sure they’re fully accurate before posting them.

I’m going to continually update this when I can and don’t honestly expect anybody to read this when it’s posted, think of it as a virtual time capsule for me to read back over later should this be a somewhat success!
But if you are reading this, feel free to send me a message here

Hopefully next update will be a big one but this Covid-19 has not helped my workload at all sadly…

Keep safe and look after each other.


BeerMoneyTime goes live!

This has been a bit of a project of mine for a while now, I’ve helped loads of people in the past with setting up sources of additional income. So the time came to put all of them in a single place to make it easier to use!

It’s still in it’s early stages but I hope that it’s at a stage that I’m happy with soon. The things I am currently working on are;

  • Getting all links and pages complete – although I am planning on continually updating them.
  • Contact forms are working so that I can hear from you to get suggestions and feedback.
  • Expanding to include other ideas that can be done off-line.
  • Recommending places to seek referrals to assist your earnings further.