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My honest Coinbase earning review.

Coinbase is the easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. If you are looking to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio, then Coinbase is a great place to do so.
Also, if you’re just starting out, then they have some great welcome offers to get you going without any input. This is what I’ll be talking about here.

Coinbase do a lot of learning pages, to firstly get you more knowledgeable about various cryptocurrencies. But to also get you to earn a little of it, as owing some is a sure-fire way to peak your interest! It definitely worked for me.

You can input your money into it also, similarly to Trading212 where you can setup regular payments, or buy and sell various coins to hopefully increase your portfolio!

Is it safe?

Yes, as it’s a financial tool, you have all of the security that comes with any well established company.
They routinely test their security measures to ensure finds are safe. They also offer bug bounty projects so they welcome and rewards reporting bugs so that they can fix them. As a higher level of protection, all accounts have 2FA built-in as well as storing coins offline in ‘vaults’.

Lastly, online funds are also covered by insurance with them which you can read more about here.

What can I earn?

As the learning tools vary due to availability and offers at the time, it is fully dependant on what’s open at the time. Some are invite dependant and some are open to all.

Currently the courses available allow you to earn $167 – but again, this may change at any time due to availability.

How to earn?

Currently the courses available are;

The Graph – you can earn $3 with this lesson

Band Protocol – you can earn up to $43 with this lesson

Maker – you can earn $6 with this lesson

Celo – you can earn $6 with this lesson

Compound – you can earn up to $59 with this lesson

Stellar Lumens – you can earn up to $50 with this lesson

Once you have completed these courses, you can either leave the coins in their respective currencies, or combine them into one.
What I did was to combine them and transfer them over to Coinbase Pro to trade them to gain more.

This is entirely your choice though as you could immediately sell the coins and withdraw the balance in your desired currency.

Sounds great, sign me up!

Good choice, even redeeming the free coins and selling them will net you a tidy sum!

Be sure to sign up using this link and should you buy $100 worth of BTC you’ll get an extra $10! Make sure you use the links above for the learning as some are invite only!

Hopefully this Trading212 earning review helped you make a decision one way or the other, I have many other income suggestions here to check out!