So you want to have an extra income right? Now this is where the big money can be made, although you have to realise that it doesn’t come easy. Think of these programs and services as a second job. When you have a few hours to spare in an evening, use them to earn some money! If you have a day to spare, then earn a days wage! If you only have 30 minutes left of your lunch break, do some shorter ones to get some quick cash! I have friends that earn the same money from these as their paid job does! That’s essentially doubling your annual income!

I’ve been doing this for the last few years, if I’ve got a day off. I’ll be doing these whenever I can, after-all a few dollars here and there start adding up! Especially if you do what I do and don’t check your PayPal that often. It becomes like winning a small jackpot on occasion!

Speaking of which, you will need a PayPal account for these services to get payments – if you don’t have one you can make an account here.

As always, I’ll be as transparent as possible with regards to earnings and the difficulty of each when setting them up. However the extra income created from each is only based on my results which means your results will vary dependant on your location and status. You never know, you might earn twice as much as I do! And deep down… I hope you do!

I will try to update these as often as I can to show latest information, but feel free to contact me if anything is wrong or if you are unable to get these working and I will remedy it.

I’ve rated each program by the earning potential and long-term potential of work. Again, this is on my experience so it may not completely reflect yours but hopefully it gives you an idea of what extra money is likely.


Earnings 4/5 Long-Term 5/5


Earnings 5/5 Long-Term 2/5

Testable Minds

Earnings 3/5 Long-Term 3/5

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