This is a list of the passive income programs and services I have used to earn additional income and recommend as a result. I explain what each program does, along with the methods of payment and expectations.

As always, I’ll be as transparent as possible with regards to earnings and the difficulty of each when setting them up. However the additional passive income created from each is only based on my results so your results will vary dependant on your location and equipment. You never know, you might earn twice as much as I do! And deep down… I hope you do!

I will try to update these as often as I can to show latest information, but feel free to contact me if anything is wrong or if you are unable to get these working and I will remedy it.

I’ve rated each program with the earning potential and the passiveness ability. Again, this is on my experience so it may not completely reflect yours but hopefully it gives you an idea of what additional income is likely.



Earnings 4/5 Passiveness 5/5



Earnings 3/5 Passiveness 4/5

pi network

PI Network

Earnings ?/5 Passiveness 3/5

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