Prolific work

So I recently got a notifier for Prolific that works on my phone to let me know when there is a new survey. It seems to work pretty well at notifying me but if I don’t react immediately the survey is sometimes gone by the time I get there. However I have had quite a it of success recently with the higher paying surveys – £2 and above.

I did one yesterday that had a game at the end where you could gamble your bonus to potentially earn more. I couldn’t see the numbers that well but when I checked today I had received a bonus of £8.50! Definitely not bad for a 5 minute survey… It’s definitely worth persevering with Prolific, even if you don’t get a survey for a few days at a time for the ones that payout big. I’ve also started leaving my money in my PayPal for longer without checking it. It used to be a habit to check the balance before each purchase, even though it’s connected to my bank so I don’t have to worry about there being enough at the time.

I am aiming to not check it again before the end of the month, and then report back at what I’ve got there! Fingers crossed for a good month of additional income!

How is your success going so far? Any big bonuses like mine, or issue’s you’ve had online? Let me know so we can help others get the word out there!

Stay safe and see you next time.