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My honest Swissborg Community earning review.

Learn and Earn Bitcoin for Free. If you have always been curious to know more about Bitcoin, then the SwissBorg Community app is built for you! It’s a fun, easy to use and free game that lets you predict the price of Bitcoin – and earn it, without taking any risks!
This sounds great, after-all you know about Bitcoin and it’s value, but either don’t have the means or opportunity to earn it…

This is where Swissborg is different, you get the chance to earn it by guessing the price of Bitcoin daily. It’s as easy as playing higher or lower!
Each correct guess doubles your bet and each wrong guess, loses it. But don’t worry too much, for each day you check in to the app, you get 200 more! And every 7th day of checking in, gets you an extra 800 on top!
This allows you to make bigger bets and increase your points.

You also win badges by making correct guesses, checking in regularly, inviting people, and so on. Each badge grants you 50 CHSB too which can be redeemed once the app launches fully. At the time of writing this, 1 CHSB is worth $0.13 so each badge is worth $6.60! There are 15 badges to collect – none of them impossible so potential to get just under $100 for free!

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Is it safe?

There are no personal details given to them at this stage so I consider it very safe to use. You only need an email address and phone number to create your account for verification purposes and you’re good to go!
Read more on their security FAQ’s here

What can I earn?

As mentioned earlier, each badge is worth roughly $6.60 so by gaining all of them, you could earn just under $100! If the value of the coin increases, you’ll earn more. But for no investment required, it’s a massive gain!
You also earn points by making correct guesses, which rank you on the leader board to potentially win a cash equivalent. Current first place on the board is $7,500+ so be sure to invite people you know as each invite will get you 3000 points.

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How do I install it?

You can use the links above to directly download it to your device and start guessing, be sure to use the reference code : EGCHMRI to start off with an extra 3000 points to gamble with!

Give it a go and let me know how it works for you! @beermoneytime

Hopefully this Swissborg Community earning review helped you make a decision one way or the other, I have many other passive income suggestions here to check out!