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My honest Testable Minds earning review.

Testable Minds is the platform used by researchers from the world’s leading universities to recruit participants for their psychological and behavioural experiments. You now have the opportunity to contribute to our quest to understand how the mind works and make some money on the way.

Testable Minds is a community of people with a genuine interest in helping science. Your participation in studies is paid, but this is not a labour market or just another money-making website. To enforce that, we limit individual participation and earnings to $50 per month.

I’ve used Testable for just over a week now following a recommendation from yourselves. Since then I have done a few surveys and received a payout so I’m happy to recommend it to you! It’s a similar format to Prolific in that you complete your profile and it matches you to suitable surveys. The main difference I will note is that all the surveys seem to require a laptop to complete. This may not be the full case, but in my experience I’ve only had laptop surveys to date. If this changes I will definitely update this to reflect accordingly. Alternatively, let me know!

Is it safe?

Most definitely, it’s using various methods to ensure your data is kept safe. Also, the payment system uses a third party too (Revolut) so they don’t require any of your bank details! Revolut works similar to Visa so uses a lot of high-end security systems to keep your money safe! Read their Security FAQ’s here for more information.

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What can I earn?

As they want to make sure they get the best workers, and not just people looking to make a quick buck. They limit earning to $50 per month. This may sound harsh, but it works to our benefit… The less people use it based on this, the more chance we all have to get a survey and earn! Plus $50 per month, is still $600 per year! Definitely not an amount to ignore…

You’re able to set notifications that will alert you to a survey being available so you can accept it straightaway. This is a great feature as it is so much easier than watching the tab and refreshing all day. I leave the study tab open while I’m working and then just react to it if I get a study. Couldn’t be easier to get them!

Have a read of their FAQ’s here for more information about them.

How do I install it?

This is where Testable is great, there’s absolutely nothing to install! You simply register an account and start earning! If you verify your account via phone and an identity document, you can access all the surveys available. If you don’t verify, you will only be able to access the basic ones (of which there aren’t many)

You also get a snazzy Revolut card to access your money on the go – via an app or by spending it in stores! It’s a great way to make your money more available.

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Sounds great, sign me up!

Good choice, it’s another great way to earn additional income. Especially if you have some spare time during the day! I recommend using this along with Prolific when you can’t focus on a service all day.

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Give it a go and let me know how it works for you! @beermoneytime

Hopefully this Testable Minds earning review helped you make a decision one way or the other, I have many other non-passive income suggestions here to check out!