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My honest Trading212 earning review.

Trade & Invest with zero commission and zero hassle. Invest in Stocks and ETFs for free. Trade Gold, Currencies, Crypto and more.
If you’re in a position to invest money – potentially your passive income – then this could be a great way to increase the money further!

I’ve been using Trading212 for a while now, using the free share to learn how it works. I was lucky and got a share that was worth £43 at the time. Then I sold it when I could and used that money to pick shares I liked.
Bear in mind, I have next to no knowledge when it comes to shares and investing into them so please look elsewhere before considering it. I mainly use this for the free shares that come when I refer people and then use them.

You’re able to set-up regular payment schedules if you like. This can be from as low as £1 or as high as £30,000, on a schedule to suit your needs. From daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly upwards!
Or you can simply do a one off deposit to increase your balance to allow you to buy that share you’ve been after.

trading212 earning review

Is it safe?

Definitely, as it directly involves money it has very high security standards. I could list them all here but the main ones are that they are covered by the FSCS – Financial Services Compensation Scheme. So if the company defaulted, your money is protected up to £85,000.
They use a third party to conduct penetration tests on their service to ensure it is protected as well as monitor the traffic 24 hours a day.
They also operate a bounty program so if you discover any bugs or flaws you can be paid for reporting them!

There are many other users that have written a Trading212 earning review. So you can be assured that they are completely safe and secure to use.

Read more on their Safety and Security processes here.

trading212 earning review

What can I earn?

This is definitely a question I can’t answer. There are so many variables to take into account that I couldn’t speak for others.
If you got a free share worth £50 then after the £1 deposit to open your account, you would make £49. If you were to get 20 referrals and each were worth £20, you’d have £399 after your £1 deposit.
However, if you were to invest it in a company that grew. This would obviously increase too. But with investments please remember that this money can decrease also! Sticking to a company that has a good reputation is a recommended method to use to slowly grow it. But again, please do your own research before investing with your own money.

You can also use CFD (Contract for Difference) trading but this a completely different kettle of fish. According to their own site – 76% of retail investors lose money when trading CFD’s on Trading212. So before you consider doing this, do a LOT of research and only use money you can afford to lose.

You can transfer money between accounts so you could sell your free share and use that for the CFD’s if you were comfortable to do so.

trading212 earning review

How do I install it?

If you head over to Trading212 and sign up, you’ll get a few ways you are able to install it. You could use it on a web browser, or download the app for your phone to look at your investments on the go!

Then you can adjust all of your settings, deposits, withdrawals from there on the go so if there’s some news about a company that you want to invest in. You can act immediately instead of potentially missing out on a profit.

Sounds great, sign me up!

Good choice, even if you only redeem the free share and sell it later you’ll make a good profit. But if you get lucky with trading you’ll be laughing!
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Hopefully this Trading212 earning review helped you make a decision one way or the other, I have many other income suggestions here to check out!