6th May update

Work has been massively busy so I haven’t had a lot of time to update this unfortunately. However I have got the contact forms working so feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions / feedback!

I’ve nearly got the basic services all listed. There are quite a few others that I have drafted but am waiting to ensure they are beneficial for others to use. I have got a few ideas that work on the basis of referring others to earn money which you can then withdraw. But as these are quite specific I want to make sure they’re fully accurate before posting them.

I’m going to continually update this when I can and don’t honestly expect anybody to read this when it’s posted, think of it as a virtual time capsule for me to read back over later should this be a somewhat success!
But if you are reading this, feel free to send me a message here

Hopefully next update will be a big one but this Covid-19 has not helped my workload at all sadly…

Keep safe and look after each other.